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Land registry of Jánovce stretches in the middle region of Spiš, the historical background and traditions have been preserved to this day. The village lies on the main road artery linking west and east of Slovakia. The inhabitants of Jánovce currently have less than twenty minutes journey (13-15 km) to the four districts (Poprad, Kežmarok, Levoča a Spišská Nová Ves).
Absolute position of the parish is 49 ° to 49 ° 1’30” north latitude and 20 ° 21’30” to 20 ° 25′ east longitude. On the 49th parallel lies also the regional city of Prešov and the parallel chip also passes through the southernmost district of Poprad. Land area (962 ha) and population (899 inhabitants according to the census of 1991) puts Jánovce on average to the group of relatively large municipalities of Spiš. Density of 94 inhabitants per km2 puts the village just under the average density of Slovakia (112 ob/km2).
Jánovce has two local parts, which were connected to it in recent years. In 1913 Čenčice was joined (northeastern part of the Land, east of the road Kežmarok) with Machalovce, and from 01.01. 1964 were both parts attached to Jánovce. Inhabitants of Jánovce are reported to be Slovak nationality (691 inhabitants) and Roman Catholics (751 inhabitants), The Romanian are in r. 1991 census reported to be 207 inhabitants. In the census years 1880 and 1921 are several interesting findings. In 1880, the Jewish religion have reported 68 people and in 1921 only 7, there are no Romanian in the census of 1880, but in 1921 census we can find 20 Romanian people. In 1880 census we can fin 23 Germans and 47 Hungarians in Jánovce.
Alongside the northern and western boundary of the land registry of Jánovce runs the main European watershed separating the drainage area of Baltic and Black Sea. This land is drained by Sihoť stream and Čenčický stream to Brusnik. The most important location is Hôrka close Gánovce (where the skull of the Neanderthal man was foud, the original skull is situated in National Museum in Prague, a copy of the skull is in the museum in Poprad).

Territory of Jánovce lies on the boundary slightly warm and cold climatic region, with average air temperature in January around -4 °C, and in July 7 °C. Snow lasts 80 to 140 days during winter (500-600 mm per year). From the above characteristics it is obvious that the most important resource for Jánovce development is its location. Firstly, the location in relation to employment centers, secondly transport position and transit location in the middle of one of the most important tourist regions of Slovakia (the four national parks, urban conservation reserves, important cultural monuments etc. in ranges of up to 60 km, which is less than 1 hour away by car).



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