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Jánovce village is located in the middle of historical writings. So the old settlement belonged to the stool X. Zips spearman. It consists of a local part Machalovce to which were attached in 1913 Čenčice. It’s a little village with a number of 1024 inhabitants, which is the gateway to the district Poprad. It borders the district Levoča, Ves, Kezmarok.

Traces of settlement of the village date back to prehistoric times. Their history and the present of our understanding of the following pages of this publication, which is issued to mark significant anniversaries. We tried to capture them in all the major events of the first written mention of their origin.

Not every day, but even years, can be considered a festive time, successful, worthy of reflection. Well 1997 is such. Is it because it reminds us:

685th anniversary of the first written mention Jánovce

788th anniversary of the first written mention Machalovce

723rd anniversary of the first written mention Čenčice

and also because they were made by the new municipality symbols: coat of arms, flag, seal.

Environmental milestones in the development of society and the spiritual edification of peoples and nations belong to the unforgettable epic of history. It is not a large, round anniversary, but still deserves our attention. At issue is a living monument of the previous generation. Every person is a member of society, it is for all mankind. Civilizations are born, grow and die. But as tidal waves penetrate more to the coast, as well as mankind walks forward through history. We are the heirs of previous generations, and we participate in the work of our contemporaries boon, and so we have obligations towards all, and we can not care ‘about those who come to extend the circle of the human family. General solidarity actually exists and is a boon for us, but also responsibility.

Obligations to each other were helpful. They helped a consolation, good advice or admonition. Thanks to all those who brought us to this day.


1. Mikuláš from Levoča (Nicolaus de Leutsa)

painter (15th c.) belongs to important Gothic painters in Slovakia. His most important work, which he made on the basis of stylistic analysis, altars are paintings oi Madonna and Popradská altar in Diaľničná.

2. Hadbavný Štefan Romuald

10.11. 1714 Jánovce-Machalovce – 8.1780 30. Red Monastery. Since 1744 member kamaldulského convent in the Red Monastery – monastery archivist, librarian, clerk, steward and spiritual advisor. It is considered the author Latin-Slovak dictionary and Quick Setup Slovak grammar. He collected the source to the history of the Red Monastery, issued by C. Wagner.



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