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Parish symbols

Parish symbols

Coat of arms of the municipality

erbIn 1997 we celebrated:
685th anniversary of the first written mention Jánovce
788th anniversary of the first written mention Machalovce
723th anniversary of the first written mention Čenčice
In the same year the community made new symbols: coat of arms, flag, seal.

The seal of the municipality

pecatIn 1793 Jánovce drawn up for verification of documents its own seal with the image of a patron of the saint St. Catherine of Alexandria Temple, which was used till the second half of the 19th century.In 1997 a new seal was made for Jánovce.


The flag

vlajkaThe flag of Jánovce consists of four longitudinal bars in order from top to bottom – yellow, red, white, red. The flag has a 2:3 aspect ratio and it is finished with three points of the two notches, that extend into the one third of the flag. Flag of the village is used by the municipal council and the mayor for ceremonial and official occasions.



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